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The information contained herein is provided as a public service. Group 1 strives to provide and maintain accurate, complete, usable, and timely information on our Web site. However, due to its dependence on on address, demographic, business and a variety of other data provided by postal, the Colorado Department of Revenue, and other third party data providers that are beyond our control, Group 1 Software (a Pitney Bowes Company) does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on its Web site and is not liable for reliance on this information.

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Centrus News:
Welcome - The January 2016 tax rates have been applied.

AUTO Dealers please note:
The tax rates returned by this website are for General Sales Tax and may not apply to an automotive sale. Cities such as Greenwood Village do not impose the use tax that is returned. If you are not familiar with a municipalities rules please contact them directly.

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While other sites charge a fee for this service, Group 1 Software is pleased to make this site available for no charge to look up any Colorado address.

This product corrects and standardizes the address you provide in less time than it takes you to type in the address. In addition to its address cleansing and coding capabilities, this product returns information regarding the quality of the match. For the system to return the proper information, however, you must at least enter an Address and either the City and State or the ZIP Code.

The tax rate report provides a unique confirmation number, the address found and the sales tax rate listed by jurisdiction. Please note that addresses that geocode to the address or zip4 level are required to generate Tax Rate information (addresses matched at the ZIP Code level are not considered highly accurate and should be researched further).   

The total tax rate for any jurisdiction must be computed by adding all taxes applicable to that jurisdiction.  The use tax is not in addition to the Sales Tax.

For more information on tax rates, contact the Colorado Department of Revenue or that applicable home-rule city.

For any questions concerning this site, please contact us at Co_Tax@g1.com


As a convenience to Colorado taxpayers, the State of Colorado has provided a link to this Web site. Group 1 Software, Inc. is the owner and operator of this service. Except as noted below regarding the "Hold Harmless" regulation, the State does not warrant this company or its services. Please contact Group 1 Software should you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions under which it provides services or fees it charges. Group 1 Software’s system has been certified by the Colorado Department of Revenue pursuant to Regulation (39)26-105.3 ("Hold Harmless" regulation. Retailers who use this system are not liable for certain uncollected sales or use taxes if the retailer relies on this system and, in the unlikely event, this system incorrectly identifies or fails to identify the name of the state, county, city and/or special districts in which the address is located.

Group 1 Software is not an agent or employee of the State and the State is not responsible to the user of this service or to any other person for the fees that Group 1 Software charges or for services provided by Group 1 Software. This agreement does not create in a user or third-party and against either the State or against any local tax jurisdictions any right, title, action (whether in law or in equity), claim for refund, claim of estoppel or waiver of taxes, penalties or interest on same, including, but not limited to, any action based on erroneous information provided by the State or Group 1 Software, or the unavailability of either Group 1 Software services or the State's web site and link to Group 1 Software.


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